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Hi from Scotland

Discussion in 'Introductions- Pull up a seat round the fire...' started by SmokeyPete, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Welcome one and all.

    We built this site because it was needed- with so many online communities dedicated to BBQ we felt the pure art of cooking with fire needed represented in its own dedicated forum.

    I love fire cooking year round, both in the garden or out in the wilds. The vast seasonal changes provide an ever changing menu and cooking style- with the need in winter to maintain personal warmth whilst cooking.

    Luckily Scotland is also blessed with some fantastic local ingredients that seasonally arrive to delight. I look forwards to sharing some of these recipes with you.

    With a tindered spark, some gentle blowing, kindling & branch- I sincerely hope we can turn this site into a vibrant fire cooking community, a place we can share our recipes, techniques and fire cooking adventures!

    Best regards
  2. Hi Pete,

    Thank you for creating this blog and forum. I have some experience with camping and building fires to stay warm. The more time I spend camping, the more I realize how much I do not know about cooking with a wood fire. I look forward to learning more here on this forum. Cheers, Allyson PS, I think the Firemark system is AWESOME!
  3. Wow! Hi @allyson93 I got a surprise there. Thank you and welcome to the forum!

    Its kind of daunting starting a forum on ones own but I hope with time it attracts more like minded folk who appreciate fire and cooking.

    Also glad you liked the firemark system I needed a way to describe a constant in varying temps and weather, its remarkably consistent. To have such a range of heat available, from ember searing to slow roasting at a distance the fire satisfies almost any food cooking.

    Happy to help answer any questions you may have and very happy you found this community.

  4. Hi DJ
    I would like to add Louise´s picture on my profile instead of Winnie, but I don´t know how to do it. Could you help me perhaps with the picture I just mailed you for the moyamoyapicturepage?

  5. Hi,

    Why is it that when I go to User CP and then View my last Posts it only brings up posts from one topic, in my case "Re: Time for the 75-80 to stand up and be counted"?

    Thank you.

  6. Hi
    I am new to this so thought I would post to introduce myself and say Hi.

    I am a 40 year old guy from Edinburgh in Scotland. Hopefully I am here to make some new friends and enjoy chatting to new people.

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